Groves Electrical Services is experienced in building substations for utilities and mines.  We also build custom mobile substations and regulator banks.


Our Mobile Substation is there when power is needed and quickly.

69×34.5kV Mobile Substation Details

  • Standard Tri-axle lowboy tractor trailer with grounding pads
  • 69kV Primary Gang Operated Airbreak Switch with ground mat
  • 69kV 80E SMD-2B Fuse Units with integral lightning arrestors.

6700kVA Power Transformer

  • 69,000 x 34,500 V Primary – 7200Wye secondary Taps + 2½%
  • External Fan Controls
  • Neutral Grounding Resistor 15A (277 Ohms) with PT backup GR protection
  • Main three phase metering with Multilin PQM Power Quality Meter

3-Circuit Vacuum switchgear complete with the following typical each circuit

  • Toshiba 630A electrically operated vacuum circuit breakers
  • 350MCM Kerite feed
  • Visible Air break switch
  • Ammeter
  • ABB Circuit shield 51Y overcurrent relays
  • ABB Circuit shield 50D ground relay
  • Multi-tap Current Transformers
  • 50:5 Ground fault Current Transformer
  • Pemco GM3 Ground monitor relay
  • Outgoing cable exits through trailer floor with cable bushings.
  • 9KV lightning arrestors
  • Steel steps and guards

Miscellaneous convenience lighting and 120V receptacles


This 2500kVA Mobile Substation Regulator Bank was constructed for Cooper Power and end user Louisville Gas & Electric.

  • Maximum Rated Volts: 13860Y/8000
  • BIL: 110kV
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 1200A
  • 3 phase/60Hz