Mobile Vacuum Oil Processing

Groves Electrical Services

Using degasification, dehydration, filtration, and purification techniques, the Groves Mobile Vacuum Oil Processing Unit can extend the life of the insulating fluid in high voltage equipment.  This unit is designed to produce a flow rate of 1800 gallons per hour and can achieve a maximum operating vacuum of <1 Torr.

Through the collection of yearly oil samples, trending data can identify problems in your system and corrective actions can be taken prior to a catastrophic failure.  Transformer oil is a highly refined mineral oil, consisting of over 3500 hydrocarbon compounds. 98% of these are stable, while 2% are aromatic.  The 2% will combine with oxygen to form decay products.  Oil is not destroyed by being used, but becomes contaminated with decay products of oxidation, which can be removed from the oil by the vacuum treatment method.