Installation, Retrofit, & Regasketing

Groves Electrical Services

Installation and Retrofitting of High Voltage Equipment

Groves Electrical Services is capable of retro-fitting high voltage equipment in existing applications, as well as the installation of new equipment.  From procurement, all the way through to energizing, Groves can handle your high voltage equipment needs every step of the way.

Dress-out & Re-gasketing of Oil-Filed Equipment

When it comes to the assembly and filling of large power transformers, Groves has the expertise and equipment to provide you with a turn-key job.  We have worked with several of the major manufacturers of this type of equipment to get their transformers ready for commissioning.

Groves has also performed an extensive amount of service work on existing oil filled equipment to re-gasket them to repair leaks.  Everything from distribution pole-mount and pad-mount transformers to large power transformers, Groves has expertise and oil handling equipment necessary for re-gasket process.