Protective Equipment Laboratory

Electrical Protective Rubber Goods Testing

In 2010, Groves Construction – then Electric Technologies, Inc. – made a decision to expand our services by opening a new in-house Personal Electrical Safety Equipment Laboratory.

Our Protective Equipment Lab includes the following tests:

  • Insulating Gloves – ASTM D120, F496
  • Insulating Sleeves – ASTM D1051, F496
  • Insulating Blankets – ASTM D1048, F479
  • Insulating Line Hoses – ASTM D1050, F478
  • Insulating Covers – ASTM D1049, F478
  • Hot Sticks and Live Line Tools – ASTM F711, IEEE 978
  • Insulating Plastic Guards – ASTM F712
  • Insulated Aerial Devices – ANSI 192.2
  • In-Service Testing For Temporary Grounding Jumpers – ASTM F2249
  • Insulating Bucket Liners – ANSI A92.2

ETM can also provide optional “hand cleaning services” for Blankets, Line Hoses, and Sleeves.